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Miami DUI Attorney

Miami DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DUI, you need an attorney immediately!

Alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs or simply being tired and driving in an unsafe/unlawful level, you may get arrested. Whatever the situation, you need an attorney as soon as possible!

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Jonathan H. Parker and Parker & Maloney, P.A.

Jonathan Parker is a Nationally ranked Superior DUI Attorney by NAFDD

Getting a DUI in can be one of the most frightening and stressful moments of your life.  Alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs or simple lack of sleep can impair driving to an unsafe, unlawful level.  Whatever the situation, you need an attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.  The maximum penalties for a first DUI without an accident or injury is $1000 and six (6) months in jail in the State of Florida.  DUI is not a DIY (do it yourself) project.

Making your anxiety level worse will be the multiple unsolicited letters and advice that you receive from Attorneys and, since July 2013, DUI Schools!  Most people are worried about signing up for DUI school and getting a hardship license as fast as possible.  However, it’s most important  to avoid a DUI conviction on your record – period.  You should worry why the State would give you a hardship license so easily just for signing up for DUI school.  Ask yourself, why would the government do that?  Because you will be forever giving up your right to a hearing formally reviewing the basis for the Police suspending your drivers license.  If you are taking legal advice from the DMV, the Police, people you met in jail, friends, family or anyone other than a licensed Florida attorney, you are making a mistake that could cost in ways you never imagined.  Every case is different, and in yours, by rushing and getting a hardship you license, you are give up your right to a formal review which could reinstate your license without restriction and save you $200 for the hardship license and even more for DUI school.

Now that you have found Jonathan H. Parker and Parker & Maloney, P.A., you can relax.

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Jonathan personally, even at night or on the weekends.  Our job is to get things resolved as quickly as the system will allow, so you can move on with your life.  If you’ve been charged with DUI what do you have to lose by talking with an attorney today?

You only have ten (10) days from the date of your DUI to request an administrative hearing or a temporary driver’s license.  DUI’s involve at least three (3) cases – even more sometimes.  You have at least one case for the DUI stop, one case of the administrative matter for your driver’s license suspension, and you have the DUI case itself.  Call attorney Jonathan H. Parker at Parker & Maloney, P.A. today.  Speak to him personally for free.  Jonathan Parker limits his practice to DUI exclusively.

Jonathan Parker - Voted 10 Best Client Satisfaction Award American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys 2015Don’t let anyone tell you that DUI and its implications are not complicated.  Don’t go it alone without an attorney.  Jonathan H. Parker will represent you for a FLAT FEE based on your specific situation and whether or not you wish to have a trial.  That way you are in full control of your case and you can keep your fees to a minimum.

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With Jonathan H. Parker and Parker & Maloney, P.A., you can relax and leave the worrying to us.  There’s no passing judgment, just prompt personal attention and the advice you need so that you can make an informed decision about your case.

You might be looking for the best Miami DUI lawyer but the term best DUI lawyer or best DUI attorney are subjective. Best may mean a different DUI attorney for a different person. To find the attorney that is best for you, you need to first call and talk to an attorney one-on-one.

Jonathan H. Parker is admitted to the Florida Bar, Hawaii Bar and New Jersey Bar. James C. Maloney is admitted to the Florida Bar, New Jersey Bar and New York Bar.

dui attorney Jonathan Parker, representing clients in Florida, New Jersey and HawaiiHow Will Miami DUI Attorney Jonathan H. Parker Attorneys at Law at Parker & Maloney help me?

The DUI lawyers at Jonathan H. Parker Attorneys at Law in Miami understand how difficult this time may be for you and your family. Facing DUI charges can be overwhelming. Finding the right legal representation to defend your rights can almost be as difficult. Above anything, the DUI attorneys at Jonathan H. Parker Attorneys at Law have your best interests in mind. We are experienced trial attorneys that aren’t afraid to litigate when necessary. While we have many years of experience with cases similar to yours, we also recognize that every case is different.

So how will our DUI Lawyers help you? What separates us from other firms is our passion and drive to defend those in need. We will exhaust every resource, employ our years of experience to conduct a thorough investigation, and support you throughout the entire process. We are different from other firms because you aren’t just a “case” to us — you are a real person facing real life obstacles. Above anything, our DUI attorneys want you to receive the help and care you deserve. That’s why we offer free, confidential consultations to every potential client in need of guidance.

How will Jonathan H. Parker Attorneys at Law at Parker & Maloney Defend my DUI Case?

In order to win your DUI case, it’s imperative for you to select the right DUI defense attorney who is devoted to you, and isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to achieve results. Our Miami DUI defense lawyers are dedicated to each and every one of our clients. When we take on a client, we are committing our efforts to obtain a not guilty verdict or to getting the charges against you reduced or dropped. Our firm is made up of accomplished lawyers who aren’t afraid to be aggressive in court. Every case is prepared as if it will go to trial. You will never be surprised. There is no room for hesitancy — our passion for justice outweighs any amount of timidity. Our lawyers are licensed in Florida, New Jersey, New York and Hawaii.

Our lawyers will analyze your case in great depth. Every detail will be investigated — no matter how minute it may seem. Using this collected knowledge, we are able to prepare a substantial defense for you that will be challenging to the government. We leave no room for error; no stones are left unturned. Nevertheless, you will be informed to make decisions regarding your defense.

As every case is different, our DUI attorneys will find the right approach for your specific circumstance. When an officer accuses you of driving under the influence, you may feel like there is nothing you can do. Don’t let the uniform fool you — officers are humans too, and aren’t above making mistakes. To be convicted of a DUI there must be proof that a) you were “in actual physical control” of your vehicle, and b) that you were under the influence at the time. If you were parked when the Police officer approached you, the officer may not have any proof that you were actually driving while under the influence, but you might still be arrested for a DUI. Depending on evidence, we can use this information to build your defense.

Police officers have a certain conduct to follow. If for any reason the law enforcement officer doesn’t follow this conduct, your DUI arrest can be challenged. An officer must read your Miranda rights before arresting and interrogating you. And, he must have a probable cause for stopping you that is reasonably articulable. If the officer fails to have a reason for stopping or arresting you, it’s possible that all charges can be dropped. Another defense may fall on the accuracy of the breath testing machine used to test your blood alcohol concentration. It’s well known that these machines have failed in the past to provide precise results. Perhaps the machine used on you was broken, or the test wasn’t administered correctly, or it wasn’t calibrated/maintained up to code. Is your blood alcohol level the same as it was in your car, two hours later at the police station? These are all possible factors that may warrant a solid defense.

Our DUI lawyers at Jonathan H. Parker Attorneys at Law at Parker & Maloney in Miami will explore every option to ensure the best defense possible based on the specific facts of your case. DUI arrests are based off psuedo-science rather than science. This means that an officer may truly believe you show signs of inebriation, but that these are observations of a stranger and are not cold hard facts that you were drunk or over the legal limit. There are many other innocent reasons you could be showing the signs of intoxication that police are looking for such as allergies, fatigue, eyestrain, and physical limitations.

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